Trade Show
Theme Party
Theme Party

Tired of the same old parties, where all you see is the same dull routine over and over? We’ve got some exciting new ideas we would love to share with you, which will make you and your family members want to stay for more, whether it means engaging with superheroes or knights in shining armors.

The themes are as follows:
  • Hollywood
  • Winter
  • James Bond 007
  • Fire & Ice
  • Las Vegas – Casino Royale
  • Evening in Paris
  • Medieval Banquet
  • Harry Potter
  • Arabian Night
  • Caribbean Beach

It’s time to take entertainment to the next level with upbeat, contemporary and sensational trends this season. Paying tribute to our heritage and culture, entertainment becomes more than merely a show, but actually helps you enter a state of joy and awe at the same time.

Message of the Management

Consulting in Event Management is my business.
Corporate Events

In setting strategies, many variables come into focus. Team building workshops, seminars on latest product launches and rewarding employees for their contribution to the organization are all part of these strategies. Providing catering, accommodation, guest speakers and all the details related to event planning is our specialty.

Chikhani Event Planner will help you impress all your attendees. Our event planners are committed to ensuring that your conference is a success by taking care of all the details from start to finish.

We go beyond traditional event planning by doing more than just booking a conference area for you:  we will provide you with the best accommodations, VIP status to restaurants and nightclubs, and handling all special requests.


  • Team building            Collaborative event                             • Gala dinner
  • Company Parties            Product Launches                                • Conference planning
  • Evening activities            summer activities                               • Awards ceremonies


  • New Year Day                       Birthday of the Prophet                       • Armenian Christmas
  • Maroun Day                          •St. Valentine                                         •Annunciation Feast
  • Good Western Friday          Easter Western Sunday                        •Good Friday Eastern
  • Easter Eastern Sunday        Labor Day                                              •Eid el Fitr (Ramadan)
  • Assumption of Mary            Eid el Adha                                            • Hijri New Year
  • Ashoura                                  Independence Day                                • Christmas Day


  • Mother’s Day                            •Woman’s Day                                       •Teacher’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day                        •Halloween                                             •Children’s’ Day
  • Fête de la Musique                  •Army’s Day                                            •Press Day
Trade Show

Your hard work has finally paid off and the time has come for your name to shine in the world of trade and commerce as you showcase your latest products and services. Space rental, logistics and promotional items are few of the requirements on the list, and that is where our role begins. Organizing events from A to Z is what we do best but satisfying our clients is what we aim for.

The following list contains examples of the trade shows we handle:
  • Book Publishers
  • Restaurants
  • Home and Garden
  • Art & Craft
  • Industries
  • Technology